Pediatric Trays

The Halyard Health Procedural Trays feature a wide range of quality components assembled in a convenient sterile package to streamline your procedures and reduce waste.
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  • Component ListingsComponent SizeQuantity per Pack
    Povidone Iodine, 10%3/4 oz.1
    LUER-LOK* Plastic Syringe20 cc1
    LUER-LOK* Plastic Syringe3 cc1
    LUER-SLIP* Loss of Resistance (LOR) Glass Syringe5 cc1
    Tuohy Hustead Needle18 G X 2.0 In.1
    Hypodermic Needle18 G x 1.5 In.1
    Hypodermic Needle25 G x 5/8 In.1
    Epidural Catheter20 G x 36 In.1
    Stingray Catheter Connector9 G1
    3M Steri-Drape40cm x 40cm x 6.5cm1
    Transparent Dressing6 cm x 7 cm1
    CSR Wrap30 In. x 30 In.1
    Micron Filter.22 In.1
    Prep Stick1 per3
    Needle Stick Pad1.25 In.1
    Gauze Pad3 In. x 3 In.3
    Towel, White19 In. x 17 In.1
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